Round:  Each layer 2” tall
6” – 2 layers  - serves 12
6” – 3 layers  - serves 18
8” – 2 layers  - serves 24
8” – 3 layers  - serves 36
10 “ – 2 layers - serves 38
12” – 2 layers - serves 56
14” – 2 layers - serves 78

The number of servings is based on industry-recognized standards (see diagrams that follow).  Wedding industry standard is 1” wide x 2” long x 4” high (or alternately, 2”x2”x2”).  Pricing is based on wedding cake portions.  Of course, the actual number of servings depends on how closely the server adheres to the serving chart.  Logically, serving larger portions will result in fewer slices. 

Custom Cake Pricing:

Pricing for party, special events, wedding, anniversary, 3D cakes, and cupcakes are calculated on several factors, including number of servings, number of tiers, design and flavor selections.  Call for pricing quotes.

Because I create Bespoke cakes, made to your personal specifications, this is not the place to order if you expect a cheap cake.  All custom cakes come with a custom price but my guarantee is that it WILL be money well spent. 

  • Buttercream frosted - start at $3.75 per serving
  • Fondant covered - start at $4.75 per serving
  • 3D (sculpted) - start at $200
  • Petit fours - minimum $45.00 per dozen (2 dozen minimum) (double layer also available); fondant covered minimum $55.00 per dozen (i.e., “sushi” design)
    • standard size:  1”x1” square
    • alternate sizes:  1”x2” oblong; 2”x2” round) (all single layer): 
  • Cupcakes
    • standard size - start at $45 per dozen (with fondant accents)
    • jumbo - start at $55 per dozen (with fondant accents)
  • Cake Pops - start at $24 per dozen (two dozen minimum)
  • Mini-cakes -  start at $4.50 each (one dozen minimum)

Fondant, gumpaste, 3D design, edible pearls, crystals, metallic decorations, ribbon, SugarVeil edible lace, fruit fillings, ganache, cream cheese frosting, etc., will incur extra charges.

Minimum order:  $80

Additional Details:

Single layer:  2" tall
Double layer:  4” tall
Triple layer:  6” tall

"Why So Expensive?" You Ask:

First, I use high quality ingredients and every cake is made from scratch.  Even the fondant is from scratch.  This isn't a Betty Crocker boxed cake that anyone can make.  All of my work is customized to your specifications and is fresh, from scratch, not pre-made and frozen for months like what you'd buy at Costco, Sam's or your local grocery store.  Second, the amount of time it takes to make YOUR cake is extremely time consuming and the creative process is labor intensive - from purchasing the ingredients and supplies needed, to designing, mixing, baking, filling, frosting, and decorating your cake.  It's not an easy or quick process or most people would just make their own cake.  All of these factors go into the price for your cake.  Many of my cakes are covered in fondant, which is expensive!  Most cake designers and bakeries charge from $6 to $10 per serving for a fondant-covered cake.  I pride myself on staying competitive so that I can offer a reasonable price to my clients.  If you want a sculpted, 3D, or carved cake, it will cost you . . . simply because it costs me -- in time, expertise, ingredients and supplies necessary to create your custom cake.